Project of Pedagogical engineering center at SamSIFL

During the training course at Caen University (October 2014), the WG members had an opportunity to get to know the possibilities to enhance the efficiency of LMS, e.g. MOODLE, by combining efforts of teachers elaborating their module on platform with those of specialists in the domain of Pedagogical Engineering/Engineering Pedagogy.

This term signifies the interaction of engineering and technical sciences with pedagogy and the education system, the necessary scientific technical knowledge is offered to Engineering Pedagogy by different technical sciences. Pedagogical knowledge (didactics) is generally used in the development of corresponding knowledge systems for instruction, as well as for the method of instruction, whereby the cognitions of other sciences are also being used, such as psychology, sociology, information theory, etc.

The object of Engineering Pedagogy is the pedagogical system of training engineers; the subject is described as designing and realizing of professional training contents, organization forms, methods, and the process of specialist’s personality formation.

Engineering Pedagogy emphasizes the approach of cybernetic pedagogy, which is based on the concept of information with its quantitative measurements and feedback control system – in line with the special situation of technical sciences and technicians.