Questionnaire results

Profile of respondents:

The survey was carried out among 38HEI teachers, 47 college teachers and 37school teachers. The total number of respondents is 122 teachers. There also was carried out on-line survey among 190 teachers of State University of World Languages and Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages.

The approximate quantity of genders of the respondents consisted of 45 percent male and 55 percent female teachers. 


In conclusion we can say the following:

To provide both teachers and pupils with authentic materials and easy access to ICT;

To decrease the volume of reports and pay more attention to the quality of given lessons;

Some lessons should be recorded and analyzed afterwards together with the mentor to avoid some mistakes in future;

It would be better not to use the native language while teaching a foreign language;

Not enough easy access to on-line training and ICT;

Lack of new resources and materials;

The Uzbek or Russian languages are spoken while teaching;

The traditional teacher training programme was mainly focused on lectures which contented with theoretical pedagogical principles and seemed boring and less effective.

Here is a link to the survey: