Project tempus

The project focuses on improving the learning and teaching of European languages in Uzbekistan by adopting a cascade model of teacher education for long-term sustainability. The cascade model will enable larger groups of school teachers to be trained in a relatively short time period with minimal resources and will allow institutions and schools to prepare learners for the requirements of HEIs in the framework of the on-going reforms of education in the Republic aimed at internationalization.

The central activity is therefore the development of a masters programme for current and prospective teachers of European languages (mainly English, French and German). The masters programme, provisionally MA in Modern European Language Teaching (MELT), will introduce innovative learner-centred methodologies tuned to the EU standards. However, special attention will be given to adapting programme content to the needs of the local context where appropriate. The project will be a based on collaborative development and initial delivery of the MA with a gradual

Project Tempus
544161-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR Aston University
«Developing the Teaching of European Languages: Modernising Language Teaching through the development of blended Masters Programmes»
DeTEL (2013-2016)

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